With juice bars popping up in almost every city these days, juicing seems to be the new health nut go-to. People are trying out juice cleanses to shed pounds, detox, or just add a nutrient-packed snack to their diets.

If you’re interested in trying out juicing or a juice cleanse, it’s important to understand the purpose of juicing, its benefits, and the best way for you to incorporate juice into your diet.

What Is Juicing?

In essence, juicing is extracting the juice from whole fruits and veggies. Some people may wonder why it has become so popular in the past few years, especially since we can simply purchase ready-made fruit and veggie juices at the store. The nutrients in the store-bought juices, however, are nowhere near the quantity or quality of those in fresh homemade juices made from whole (and if possible, organic) fruits and vegetables, because the nutrients in store-bought have been pasteurized. Juicing allows the preservation of the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the raw produce.1

It’s also a great way for people who are not big fans of fruits and veggies to get their recommended six to eight servings a day. For example, people who do not like beets can juice the beets together with fruits and berries, and receive the nutrients found in beets (potassium, iron, vitamin C), and enjoy at the same time.

Benefits of Juicing

Juicing allows pre-digestion, or the immediate absorption of all of the nutrients from produce. Plus, juicing provides versatility in vegetables because it helps people to enjoy more veggies they may not typically like to eat whole.

Juicing can aid in the digestive process and give it a little break, because it takes less energy to digest the produce as a liquid than as solid foods, which take many hours after consumption to deliver optimal nourishment to the body.

It can also help in raising the pH balance in our bodies, and in turn, help to protect us from conditions related to acidic imbalances, including heart and kidney disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

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