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Cheffing is a dirty job…

This conversation is sponsored by Dawn Professional at Sam’s Club. All opinions are my own.

Working as a Private Chef is an amazing career that I am blessed to have fallen into. I love that I get to curate the biggest meals, special moments and occasions for many of my clients’ lives. I cater dinner parties and soirees that range from intimate experiences of 5 guests to full-fledged events of over 100!!! And since I am my own boss as a self-employed, solo-preneuar, I sometimes working and prep from my own home kitchen. But oftentimes, I find myself cooking in my client’s personal homes or kitchens in event spaces, so cleanliness is key!

When I am cooking or prepping for an event in my own personal home, I am as Virgo as they come. My pantry is organized to a tee and my fridge looks like a Frigidaire Ad, I also get really OCD with the sanitary aspects at home because I am a mama with a newborn and all of her baby feeding stuff is intermixed with mama’s chef cooking stuff. When it’s my private client’s homes or any other space, I always strive to impress and to return a client’s kitchen in better shape than when I started. I treat my business much like any chef would running a restaurant and or commercial kitchen. I may not have health inspectors coming through annually to see if I’m practicing ideal cleaning methods, but I might argue that my CLIENTS are even more attune than city health inspectors. They see everything because they are there daily – these are their personal homes, where they live, eat and make memories. So, I make sure I have an arsenal of supplies to keep me and my cooking team set up for success. One thing I simply can’t live without is Dawn Professional Dish Detergent. I buy it at Sam’s Club, where it comes in an easy-to-use 1-gallon pump bottle (and is seriously a great price). I typically pump about a cup or two into a smaller and more travel-friendly bottle and bring that with me everywhere I cook!

There’s nothing worse than greasy pans and grimy plate ware. Dawn Professional removes stuck-on, greasy food from utensils, pots and pans, and leaves everything, including glass and barware SPARKLING CLEAN. If it can handle grease, it can handle anything, and grease is Dawn Professional’s specialty. It also can be diluted and used as cleaning solution. This makes it even easier to love, because I can wipe up counters, equipment and other surfaces, without lugging other cleaners. AND one gallon makes over 640 gallons of soapy water, so my dollar spent on this goes a very long way! That’s a boat load of dinner parties and messes!!

When it comes to restaurants and the food service industry, 93% of consumers say that kitchen cleanliness is key, and I couldn’t agree more. Who wants to eat in a dirty place? If you’re a restaurant owner, caterer, private chef or just home chef that loves to cook but also loves a clean kitchen, I highly recommend spending the $12 bucks at your local Sam’s Club or to and you will have yourself a future of clean, even take care of everything inside and outside the sink!

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