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Hey Baby!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart Baby Savings Days. The opinions and text are all mine. 

Oh HI there Mamas! I SEE you.. no like I really SEE YOU. With your messy top knot, stained fav t-shirt, bottomless pile of laundry and that mug of coffee. Maybe it’s even your 3rdmug of coffee and its only 8am, but hey, nobody’s judging. I am all of the above right now lol. I am a WFTM (Working Full-Time Mom!), in the thick of it, which is what people always say to me when I tell them that my baby is 3.5 months old. Let’s just say, mamahood has been a wild ride and an adjustment. I’m a Leo/ Virgo, and for you horoscopers, you know that that means I am free spirit, but also a clean freak. I’m realizing that planning and conveniences are not only nice but ESSENTIAL in making this new journey go smoothly. I mean, babies need a lot of things. They are constantly peeing, eating, growing and learning. I am in charge of feeding, playing with, clothing and wiping this little creature! So needless to say between my work, creative endeavors, and baby’s long list – we need to maximize our time and budget to make sure we have the essentials but not the junk. Ahhhh!!

Anything that can be delivered is amazeballs and one-stop shop stores that have a huge selection of baby things make my life so. much. easier. Walmart has literally been a lifesaver for my family. Last week we were getting ready to have family in town and I needed everything for Bella but was consumed with cleaning and organizing our home in prep for the guests.  We are in the process of transitioning Bella from our bed to her own Bassinet AND she just graduated from those teeny tiny newborn diapers to stage 1, OMG I almost cried, but that’s for another post on hormones. Lol. So with the fam on their way, I was stressing out UNTIL I found out that I could order all my groceries online, head on over to Walmart, and they would be brought out to my car at no extra charge! This service speaks to me. It is 10x easier to get things done when you don’t have to lug your LO into the store, get a cart, soothe a crying baby, change a potential blowout all whilst checking off the items on your grocery list.  But boom, with a few online clicks and a quick car ride- food run complete!! Then, I was able to snag some really cool and affordable baby essentials and have them 2-day shipped to my front door.

Here’s what we ended up getting: 

All the essentials delivered to my doorstep!

Delta® Children Soothe and Glide Bassinet

I went with this because it is neutral in color so it’s not an eye sore in our master bedroom. I’m all about aesthetics and interior décor!!! Also, it has soothing sounds, a nightlight for baby, and a huge storage area underneath for all her nighttime essentials JIC we need a back-up onesie or diapers etc. The cherry on top might honestly be the locking wheels that make it even easier to move from room to room!

HUGGIES® Little Snugglers Diapers, Size 1

Huggies make baby extra snuggly!

These diapers are the best. She JUST graduated to size 1 and I love how they have soft cushiony pillows that are cozy on her baby bum and act as an extra layer of protection. Also the material is designed to keep the skin healthy since newborns can have sensitive skin. We got the HUGE box of 200+ because we figured she will be in this size for a while, and the less this mama has to run out or reorder the better, right? 

Chicco KeyFit® Infant Car Seat Encore

We needed a 2nd car seat for Daddy’s big truck. Since family was coming we would be using his car for cruising around and this car seat was not only affordable, it was rated #1 in safety! It was also the easiest install with ReclineSureÒleveling, RideRightÒ bubble levels, and SuperCinchÒ Latch tightener which is good for me in case we need to travel and use this one when renting cars etc. 

Baby Dove® Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Baby Wash

Babies get stinky!! It’s amazing to me how a LO can smell funky when all they do is lay around, eat, and sleep. But bath time is key, not only so she can relax, but for keeping her skin clean, soft and smooth. It’s never too early to start on good complexion and self-care habits amirite? Dove comes in a handy pump bottle, is Dermatologist, Opthalmologist, and Pediatrician recommended, has no sulfates, parabens or any nasty additives, smells lovely, and is gentle for baby. I even wash myself with it because I figure if she is all snuggled up to me and my skin, I should keep our products the same to keep any adverse skin reactions at bay. But I love the soap and side-note, it was great to shave these mama legs with! Lol 

Walmart really saved the day and my pocketbook, which is great. More time and cash for mama means more smiles for everyone. I urge all of you to check it out. Treat yo self to a grocery pick up! If you use my code WOWFRESH you can get $10 off your first order of $50. With the extra time I had after using these ordering services, I had more time to enjoy the fam. Which is what it really is all about…. 

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