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Keeping the Family Hydrated

For Father’s day I decided to give a unique gift to my husband…. Being the chef that I am, I absolutely  have plans to cook him an amazing steak dinner with all the wine and all the fixings,  but I wanted to give a gift that was more meaningful and longer lasting than just an indulgent, albeit, delicious meal. Something that would be used everyday, contribute to his health, happiness and maybe even help the environment along the way. Something that the whole family could enjoy and benefit from too. Yes, a day a Disneyland or a round of Golf did indeed come to mind, but either of of those certainly wouldn’t bring a year of health or have a positive affect on the planet. So for this years Father’s Day I have brought home a Primo® Water dispenser and a gift certificate for a year’s worth of purified water. Primo makes it very easy to have great tasting, high quality, purified drinking water in your own home. They have a ton of indoor and outdoor refill stations in virtually every neighborhood, or you can use their exchange water and trade your empty bottles for filled ones! See if you have a refill station near you.

It’s really crazy to think about how important water is in our lives. I mean, our bodies are 80% made up of water, our skin and every other organ depends on it. Everyday tasks in our home require water…For example, my husband wakes up everyday and makes amazing cappuccinos, he bought himself a super charged semi-automatic fancy espresso machine, orders the Italian espresso beans straight from Roma, and drinks from imported glassware- why wouldn’t we think about the water he uses to do all this? Having Primo purified water on deck will make the cappuccinos that much more enjoyable! 

Bella, our baby, drinks up to 7 bottle a day of goat milk formula mixed with water everyday, of course I want the most pure and best tasting water for her, right?

Cooking too! I know its something that is easily overlooked, but it truly does make a difference in your food, if you’re your boiling pasta or veggies in tap water, you simply don’t know what kind of contanaments there are, and your food definitely absorbs it. Lastly, my nightly hot tea, you guessed it, is made with WATER.  The list goes on and on…my point is, water is SO important. For the entire family!!! 

Before I found Primo, I was doing some research on water and I learned that the average families water intake INCREASES by 25% when there is an in home dispenser!! Wow, think about the glowing skin I will have and the happy, lax, hydrated muscles Eric will have after a heavy gym day?  I ALSO learned that one 5 gallon water bottle saves the planet from 1,100 single use bottles that end up in the landfill. ELEVEN HUNDRED PLASTIC BOTTLES !!

 So, if you are into saving your skin, your families health, the planet and so many more things here, I highly suggest you look into this amazing investment for your home.

I snagged the Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Self-Sanitization AND it looks great in our cute little beach cottage. The water is available at most nearby grocery stores (find out where on the Primo website) so there are no excuses! We refill our empty 5-gallon bottles when we make our weekly trips to the grocery store. Bella gets a kick out of the whole thing!

Good news –  I have a special discount code for you: WATERGOALS25 which provides for 25% off dispenser, FREE fast shipping + a FREE coupon will be mailed for 5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo.

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