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Listening to your Heart. 

Listening to your Heart.

Since becoming a mom, so many things have changed. My daily routines, the way I work, play, shop, what used to be Sunday Fundays are now Sunday run errand days, and even everyday tasks like eating, showering and basic self-care have altered dramatically. Mostly these things have changed because of time, and simply not having enough of it. Having a baby requires so many additional hours that often, new moms end up sacrificing some of their favorite pastimes or even healthy routines to manage their new little bundle.  

But then, the other day, while I was knee deep in baby laundry, heating a bottle, trying to answer emails and just praying for a moment so I could finally shove something in my mouth to eat (it was nearly 2pm) Something struck me- I CAN’T allow myself to slip into bad these habits, I can’t skip on my healthy routines, I have to find balance and a solution. WHY? Because I have this new little human that needs me, and my health and wellbeing is IMPERATIVE to hers. Here I am spending my every minute running amuck doing things for her, thinking that’s the best, but all the while my stress levels are increasing, my favorite health routines are falling to the waist side and I was becoming sick, tired, and rundown. None of which, is good for baby or me. 

It was in that moment that I decided to make a change, take initiative and be proactive. I sat down, listened to my heart and journaled some top health goals. Like many of you, I have suffered from stress and anxiety even before motherhood, also paired with having a heart condition called SVT that is commonly triggered by stress; it really leaves no room for added stress, skipping meals and running on empty.  I needed to define time each day to take care of me, my heart and the love of my life. 

Here is what I came up with for health goals each day to ensure the best version of myself for my LO and longevity for my family: 

EAT 3 wholesome meals a day.  Skipping meals increases my cortisol levels and oxidative stress,  and leaves me carbohydrate deprived, (carbs are brain fuel and without them you can feel foggy and sluggish). And I’m pretty sure that’s where the term “Mommy Brain” comes from.

STRETCH & BREATHE for twenty whole minutes – during  a midafternoon nap for baby. Go into my room, close the door, breathe and move my body. This will help prevent stagnation and blocked emotions and allow oxygen to flow and my mind to be still. 

MitoQ Heart Health Supplement

SUPPLEMENT with vitamins. Even with eating whole organic foods, our bodies can require additional boosts for ultimate health. Since HEART health is a major concern of mine, I looked into a super powerful anti-oxidant called CoQ10.  CoQ10 is made naturally inside our mitochondria – our cellular powerplants – and is used by them to help produce cellular energy, as well as to neutralize free radicals, which can damage delicate cellular equipment. But –stress, oxidation, along with age and other factors, can decrease production levels of this vital mitochondrial enzyme. . Then I found a really amazing, high quality formula called MitoQ Heart.   MitoQis a unique form of CoQ10 because it actually penetrates the cells’ membranes and acts directly inside the mitochondria. No other CoQ10 supplement can penetrate the mitochondria like MitoQ! Along with helping to support mitochondrial health, MitoQ Heart is  action packed with extra ingredients which specifically support heart health, such as: amino acids like L-Carnitine, which help convert food into energy (and BOY do I need energy);  as well as Vitamin D3 and magnesium, to support optimal cardiac function. Supporting mitochondrial performance helps optimal organ health, maintains energy output and recovery, and helps slow down the aging process. All of these things can be affected by lifestyle and my heart condition, so I knew this supplement was for me. Grab your MitoQ here

I added in a few other things into the mix like an active form of B12 and folate to support my nervous system, some adaptogens like Ashawganda and Reishi, which I love and will go into further discussion in another post. But this new daily regimen and supplementation has really helped me with my energy levels, my new mama glow, my overall heart health and has given me peace of mind. I wake up each day, look at my baby and feel good about our choices, because I know I am doing the best I can for the BOTH of us to live long healthy lives

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