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Mama on the go!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby Metro Stroller.

Mama on the go. 

I learned really quickly that the key to successful trips with Baby en tote is convenience compact ability. Babies need SO. MANY. THINGS. I’ve had to sacrifice countless super cute outfits and lux toiletries just so we can get all of Bella’s stuff packed. The one major question in traveling can be- what the heck am I gonna carry Baby around in!!!??? I mean, once you get your clothes and essentials packed and get to your destination, your LO prob can’t walk yet and baby wearing is great but can’t be done 24/7. 

So, enter the: STROLLER. A genius device to strap baby down in so he/she can sleep, chill, coo, and people watch while you ‘stroll ’as a family and explore your destination. But some strollers these days are like a studio apartment for baby! So big and bulky. Great for somethings, like napping, long shopping excursions and neighborhood jaunts, but definitely not easy for traveling. I wanted something lightweight, compact enough to take everywhere, but not lacking the comfort and cozy factor for baby. I did some research and discovered the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller.It weighs only 14 lbs., which is less than baby Bella RN lol Jand has a smooth spring suspension with a deep reclining seat and UV sun canopy. It folds up super-fast and easy, so it can slip into the backseat of any car, Uber or taxi if we’re on the move. 

Last weekend when it was time to travel down south to see my parents, we added our new Ergobaby Metro Stroller to the list of baby’s travel essentials. She was able to nap and relax comfortably while we cruised around all day, but we were still able to pack the whole family in my car AND all the other travel gear without compromising comfort. 

This full time working mama has been still on her hustle game since baby was born! Right up until her birth, I was styling a huge food photoshoot, launching my book and cooking for clients! Things haven’t changed too much since Bella has come into the world. Yes, of course, we did get to slow down for those first few weeks and during the Holidays but for the most part, we have been B-U-S-Y. We are constantly headed up to DTLA for meetings and creative inspo, then down south to San Clemente to see family, and with a journalist hubby, we have weekender trips planned for the indefinite future! 

 If you’re planning a weekend trip or city adventure, here is my go to list to keep baby happy, but your load light: 

Ergobaby Metro Stroller(for cruising, napping and on the go sightseeing) 

A Comfortable Travel Bed (for sleeping /cosleeping)

Foldable Sit Up Chair (for feedings and hands-free time) 

Ergobaby Carrier (more hands-free time but when baby wants to be close to mama) 

Happy Strolling loves! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby Metro Stroller.

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