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Need a Spritz in your step?

Hey Mamas, guess what? Summer is around the corner and raise your hand if you are looking forward to some fun in the sun and some summer cocktails?!!! ( me me * raised hand emoji) But I also know a bunch of you will be on the beaches, at the BBQ’s and Birthday parties chasing your LO and sometimes skipping that Rose’ all day because…

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Cheffing is a dirty job…

This conversation is sponsored by Dawn Professional at Sam’s Club. All opinions are my own. Working as a Private Chef is an amazing career that I am blessed to have fallen into. I love that I get to curate the biggest meals, special moments and occasions for many of my clients’ lives. I cater dinner parties and soirees that range from intimate experiences of 5…

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Keeping the Family Hydrated

For Father’s day I decided to give a unique gift to my husband…. Being the chef that I am, I absolutely  have plans to cook him an amazing steak dinner with all the wine and all the fixings,  but I wanted to give a gift that was more meaningful and longer lasting than just an indulgent, albeit, delicious meal. Something that would be used everyday, contribute to…

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The latest health trend you should really get into.

Hello ADAPTOGENS! You have prob heard this word out there in the wide world of health and you may be thinking WTH? ADAPTOGENS a subset specialty group of plants that talk the talk and walk the walk. They help you ADAPT basically. Adapt to life, stress, sickness, imbalance and di-ease. They contain a special group of herbs, mushrooms and roots that are taken over a…

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Mood Boosting Foods

We all feel blue from time to time, and food can play an important role in helping us lift our mood and improve our outlook on life. Open up the fridge and poke through the pantry, where you’ll find a wide array of mood boosting foods that are healthful, satisfying and delicious. Before we get into the specific mood-boosting foods below, there are a couple of…

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14 Days to Happiness

(Inspired by the Law of Attraction) New habits don’t simply develop overnight. However, with a little willpower and a commitment to making small, positive and manageable changes each day, you can make significant shifts in your happiness and well-being. Try undertaking these 14 challenges over the next two weeks to experience 14 days of growth that will help you vibrate at a higher frequency and…

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Listening to your Heart. 

Listening to your Heart. Since becoming a mom, so many things have changed. My daily routines, the way I work, play, shop, what used to be Sunday Fundays are now Sunday run errand days, and even everyday tasks like eating, showering and basic self-care have altered dramatically. Mostly these things have changed because of time, and simply not having enough of it. Having a baby…

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Mama on the go!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby Metro Stroller. Mama on the go.  I learned really quickly that the key to successful trips with Baby en tote is convenience compact ability. Babies need SO. MANY. THINGS. I’ve had to sacrifice countless super cute outfits and lux toiletries just so we can get all of Bella’s stuff packed. The one major…

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chef Nikki Martin loves Miraval rose' wine

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for checking out my site. A few of my fav things are avocados, rose' , hip hop yoga and throwing dinner parties. I hope to inspire each one of you with my food and lifestyle philosophy. xo

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