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Hi! I’m Nikki Martin! Thanks for checking my blog out, cant wait to share my journey in all things food, wellness, travel and mama hood.  ! I’ m all about supporting women and connecting, so feel free to drop a line!

WHAT I DO: #1 I’m a MOM. And as for career, I wear many hats. I’m a Private Chef, cookbook author, food stylist, content creator, sometimes TV Host and a slew of other creative fancy titles. I can pretty much get into anything that involves food, writing about food, eating it, traveling to cool places to get it, yoga in between it and other stuff to keep me and the fam healthy.

(If you wanna WERK with me theres another page on here with more info)

ON MY FOOD PHILOSOPHY: I practice intuitive eating. What the heck is that? Well, I listen to my body and what it may need. I try to eat 80/20 Plant Based, but every now and again I throw in animal protein. I love Salmon, chicken dishes are easy, and once in a blue blue moon, theres red meat. But I always strive to consume humane and sustainably sourced products. I truly believe we can thrive on plants, they are an impeccable life source, I believe in plants as medicine, and feel anything rooted in the earth brings us closer to what we inherently are. BUT I do love a solid protein dish.

ON BEING A MOM: Im late starter on the Mom thing. Ive always been a career and solo kind of gal. Totally lived my life and then some running around Hollywood and NYC throughout my twenties and beginning of thirties. I will continue to work while raising my LO. I have big plans for books, shows, baby clothing line and more, basically world domination. So I welcome all you over 30 FTM that are still working, hustling and making it happen!

OTHER STUFF: I am born and raised Cali Girl, I reside in Newport Beach with my Journalist and General Contractor Hubby, our baby girl Bella Moon, a cat and a few remaining houseplants. For fun, we like to do home projects, listen to Rock N Roll, order in Italian, drink wine and stare at our little human.

I am a firm believer in BALANCE + GOOD VIBES.

I stand for the MAD ONES, the CURIOUS ONES, the ever shining BRIGHT ONES. For the Wandering Foxes of this world… Just looking for GOOD FOOD, inspiring stories, genuine connections over random dinners, and the unexpected journey that leads you to them.


chef Nikki Martin loves Miraval rose' wine

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for checking out my site. A few of my fav things are avocados, rose' , hip hop yoga and throwing dinner parties. I hope to inspire each one of you with my food and lifestyle philosophy. xo

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  • H E L L O  weekend. 🌴
  • I love mornings with this one! She’s a total bed hog and demands breakfast in bed upon waking 😜 but her smile and the way she grabs my nose and laughs is probably the best thing on earth. Can’t believe you’re already 9 moons old my baby girl! 🌙❤️
  • I’m so pumped to announce my participation in @foragerproject NEW COOKBOOK! Check out my plant based recipes like this mood boosting dish made of beets + yogurt + pistachios. Made up of plant based cashew yogurt. 🌵 becuz plants are cool and life giving! ⚡️HEAD on over to their page to enter the giveaway to win a copy of your own!! .
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  • NEW MOON 🌙 today’s full moon in Capricorn & lunar eclipse is bringing out all the feels. ⚡️ This Full Moon is grounding and is here to help us redirect to our destined path. It’s shining and saying hey you down there- wake the fuck up and stop shrinking. Can I get an AMEN? 🙌🏻
Although life has been pretty good lately, I do feel like I’ve been slipping. Slipping on my self respect, what I stand for, what I allow and my self care, that includes my physical and my mental wellbeing. Being a Mom and FT working lady is TOUGH AF. My biggest challenge is TIME! Managing my schedule so I can get all I need to get done AND take care of me.
I want to harness this moons power to guide me back to my core which is centered in LOVE, not chasing it, but BEING It. And that will only radiate into my work, my mothering and my self respect and care.
Tell me, What’s speaking to you lately? What will you let go of, allow to come in and how will you be grounded moving forward? ⚡️

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