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Hi! I’m Nikki Martin, the founder, voice and vibe behind The Fox Diaries. Thanks for checking my blog out, cant wait to share ! I’ m all about supporting women and connecting, so feel free to drop a line!

WHAT I DO: #1 I’m a MOM. And as for career, I wear many hats. I’m a Private Chef, cookbook author, food stylist, content creator, sometimes TV Host and a slew of other creative fancy titles. I can pretty much get into anything that involves food, writing about food, eating it, traveling to cool places to get it, yoga in between it and other stuff to keep me and the fam healthy.

(If you wanna WERK with me theres another page on here with more info)

ON LOVE: My hubby and I have a bonkers, Oprah Worthy, crazy love story that i’m always down to talk about. We  found each other in 2017 and already are married with baby! I believe that love can happen anywhere, anytime, souls are souls and dating apps really do work! Lol

ON BEING A MOM: Im late starter on the Mom thing. Ive always been a career and solo kind of gal. Totally lived my life and then some running around Hollywood and NYC throughout my twenties and beginning of thirties. I will continue to work while raising my LO. I have big plans for books, shows, baby clothing line and more, basically world domination. So I welcome all you over 30 FTM that are still working, hustling and making it happen!

OTHER STUFF: I am born and raised Cali Girl, I reside in Newport Beach with my Journalist and General Contractor Hubby, our baby girl Bella Moon, a cat and a few remaining houseplants. For fun, we like to do home projects, listen to Rock N Roll, order in Italian, drink wine and stare at our little human.

I am a firm believer in BALANCE + GOOD VIBES.

THE FOX DIARIES are for the MAD ONES, the CURIOUS ONES, the ever shining BRIGHT ONES. For the Wandering Foxes of this world… Just looking for GOOD FOOD, inspiring stories, genuine connections over random dinners, and the unexpected journey that leads you to them.


chef Nikki Martin loves Miraval rose' wine

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for checking out my site. A few of my fav things are avocados, rose' , hip hop yoga and throwing dinner parties. I hope to inspire each one of you with my food and lifestyle philosophy. xo

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  • VIBES all day. This magical place nestled in the mountains of Mexico has hit all the vacay inspo goals. Adding to that bucket list. 🌴🌴🌴
  • MY MOON• this lil babe is 7 moons old! She was born on the Hunters full moon in October so we keep track by the moons 🌙 She loves to sit with mama for dinner, drink from a cup like a big girl, grab mamas face, do kisses and try to stand. I really think she just might skip crawling and run someday! 😳
Scroll through to see what a typical morning looks like with me and babes. ❤️
  • ALL the PLANTS all the time. Well, mostly. Listen ladies, I may be a Chef 👩🏻‍🍳 and yes that means I can cook, but I’m also a new Mama and Wife ( 2 very demanding roles) working on a NEW NEW book, blogs and a handful of other projects #momboss 💪🏻SO, as much as I’d love to, I simply can’t cook every damn day. So I like to have healthy meals on deck to grab in my desperate ‘ Holy Shit it’s 4pm and I haven’t eaten all day’ moments. 🤪
ENTER: @sakaralife !! They have bomb plant based meals that are Nikki approved and that will make you feel as pretty as their IG feed. No but seriously. AND the good news is if you tell them you’re my 👯‍♀️friend ( use my code Nikki15 ) you will get a 15% discount off your first order. ALSO their Cleanses are 🔥I’ll be doing the 10 Day reset right before summer drops. Check it out!
But if ya want that KK/ Kayne life and private in home cheffing with fresh meals and such, then YES I’m available in the LA/OC area too! Just slip on into my DMs and we can chat avocados and dinner parties. 🥑
  • SHOP it like it’s HOT • doing my best over here ladies. I tell ya what, I may not be a fashionista BUT I do appreciate some good fukin boyfriend jeans and that perfectly broken in leather jacket. Oh and a go to handbag that makes you look like you got your shit together. This lil black bag from @articlegoods is just that and more.
( Not pictured is baby prolly crop dusting Anthropologie  becuz, solids 😳but what can ya do )

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